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Three early battery electric clocks Eureka and Bulle and Tiffany Four Glass 


Eureka Clock as bought in

Eureka clock shown before repair

A rare Bulle clock under a cut glass dome

The Cromwellian Eureka Clock-- purchased  from an auction house in Norfolk. brief description Ht. 16.5 ins. 7 ins. square. Brass lantern style case. Bevelled glass within chapter ring --the clock is in all original condition--Unrestored price 1,600 Now sold

A very rare Tiffany Four Glass Electric clock, running on 4.5volts
Now fully restored


A small Bulle-Clock under it's original Glass Dome  

Now fully restored

An  Eureka Clock which at some time in it's life has fallen over damaging both the movement and the dial, I'm looking forward to this job!!!

To see how this was repaired CLICK HERE

Eureka Mahogany Sheraton Gothic case as found

This Eureka clock has three balls in the bearing housing and 40 teeth on the escape wheel (very rare) this gives the balance a oscillation of 3 seconds, (one and a half each way)  which translates to 20 contacts in 1 minute 1200 in 60 minutes and 10512000 in a year!! 

 Smith mystery clock made by Smith's Electronic Clocks. C 1934. 




A fine example of an eight day triple fusee chiming bracket clock on matching stand.
The case is of oak in the Gothic style but much work is needed to restore this clock.
The massive fusee movement chimes on a series of eight bells and strikes the hours on a gong.
It has an anchor escapement with a steel pendulum rod and brass bob.

Gothic clock showing the movement behind the dial

Movement seen as taken in

Movement seen in the case before repair

Tripple fusee movement restored

Picture of movement after cleaning and repair
all ready to fit the top plate, that's the easy part!!

horizontal rule

Winterhalder and Hofmeier movement restored

The finished clock movement with the new parts fitted

A fine oak cased clock by Winterhalder and Hofmeier recently purchased by a customer at auction .
Unfortunately this clock was missing most of its chiming parts  and this will add considerably to the cost of restoration.
The missing parts included the fly, the warning wheel the gong pinions and hammers. These will all be made in the workshop.



The movement striped down awaiting repair

The movement dismantled before cleaning and repair


The clock case which will house the movement

The clock case 



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