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Restoration and  Repair of an Eureka clock (page two) click here for page one

The Eureka Electric Clock 

Eureka movement parts

Eureka balance wheel

Picture showing Front and Back plate, Steel armature, regulator piece and front cover

The balance pivots run on ball bearings, this clock has two but I have seen them with three. Make sure they are clean and lightly oiled.

When, and if, you dismantle the bearing housing take care to find the thin paper washer between the glass disc and the retaining ring.

Picture of finished clock on test


Picture below shows the ball bearings with ball race and the inside disc, plus the motion work
Eureka movement finished   Eureka balance parts .

Eureka movement fitted in new case

The finished clock in it's new case

Some pictures below of a different style of Eureka which has the balance wheel behind the
 dial. This clock was recently purchased at a  clock fair,  held at the Birmingham Motorcycle Museum, a great source of old clocks and bits--well worth a visit.

Eureka on test

Picture of the "short movement" on test in the workshop

Front view of Eureka clock

Front view of same movement showing motion work and the two ball bearings 

Side view of Eureka clock

Side view of same movement showing balance wheel and rear of dial, the long stud is for fixing the movement in the case.

The finished Eureka Clock

The finished clock in polished mahogany case, brass bun feet and enamel dial.

Clock description--Mahogany case with some stringing,  four brass bun feet, dial is solid vitreous enamel signed Eureka Clock Co. Ltd., London. and the words 1000 Day Electric Clock

On the snailed back plate is found the serial number( No 2656) , Patent number  and date 1906. The small flap at the rear of the case gives access to the 1.5 Volt battery. The clock has been fully restored and is now offered for sale

This clock is now sold but  see the latest Eureka's for sale- 

If you would like to see more pictures of other styles of Eureka clocks   

I hope to find more of these early electric battery clocks on my travels and when I do they will be repaired and offered for sale, so do come back to this site--you never know what might come along!!!
back-- to more hints and tips on repairs


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