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Anniversary clocks

 These type of clocks are becoming more sought after now- mainly because they don't require winding every week and they are nice to look at,( being made of  brass ) and also they're relatively  inexpensive compared to the modern plastic quartz clocks found in the High Street today.

I have, under repair one1906 jfk  Silver plated six pillar tholos-style cased clock which would make a very nice Silver Anniversary  present!
Also a Kaiser with revolving moon and a sphere representing the world which rotates with the turn of the pendulum. Both of these clocks are now repaired and appear below.

Repairing an anniversary clock made by   Phillipp Haas C1902 click here to view 

There are a few antique battery Torsion clocks by Tiffany on this site CLICK HERE to view

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A very rare Thirty-day lunar anniversary clock made by Vosseler C1910
in original condition with original glass dome.

Price on application 

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This clock is now sold

This clock too has now been sold

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A rare Silver plated clock from about C1910
Would make a great Silver Wedding Anniversary present!
This clock has now been sold

Early 30 day lunar anniversary  clock made by Jahresuhrenfabrik or jfk This was the only two ball anniversary clock ever made. The clock comes complete with it's original dome and has , like all my clocks, been fully  restored 


 The much sort-after Kaiser 400 day clock, some would say it was the best 400 day clock ever made- it certainly looks different with the revolving globe and the phases of the moon in the dial arch --  Price on application. -- clock now sold

The movement of the Kaiser clock after repair
Because of copyright infringement there were probability only a few thousand of these clocks manufactured 
A must have for any serious collector

400 day clock by Badische Uhrenfabrik C1910
clock now sold 

Picture of the movement after cleaning and repair


30 Day lunar anniversary clock by Badische c. 1902

Clock seen under original glass dome

Picture of movement showing pin-pallet escapement and lantern pinions



The Badische 5 ball pendulum-- original 1902 

Anniversary clock adjusting

Any one can set up and adjust these delicate 400 day or Anniversary clocks, but succeeding in doing so quickly and properly only comes with a knowledge of how they work and the correct sequence to do things in.
This book explains in simple layman's language what to do, how to do it and when.
Sections in the book include a short history of these clocks, details on the suspension wire, how Torsion Clocks work, setting them up, adjusting the escapement and of course regulation.
Included at the back is a useful pull-out rotation scale plus several copies of the "Setting Up & Regulating Leaflet" widely used by the repair trade.
It is available from Meadows and Passmore 1 Ellen Street, Portslade, Brighton. BN41 1EU. 
72 pages, soft cover, Canadian wire bound, 32 illustrations--Price 6.95
Tel:01273 421321 or you can now order direct by clicking on this link  - - Meadows & Passmore

New to site a clock identification service, which enables users to identify which wire/unit they need



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