Antique Battery Clocks

Antique Battery Clocks —Bulle and Eureka plus Tiffany Never Wind plus Brillie and ATO clocks

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early Eureka clock under dome

Three ball Eureka clock under dome

Bulle clock in four glass case rare clock

Four glass Bulle clock


Tall Bulle clock under dome

Tall Bulle clock under dome C1920

Wooden cased Bulle clock

Mahogany cased Bulle clock

Eureka Electric battery clock

Eureka pillar clock

BARR Electric Clock Rare

Rare Barr battery clock  

Eureka Mahogany cased clock

Eureka Mahogany cased Clock

small Bulle under glass case

This clock has now been sold

Rare Eureka style clock German made

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Two Tiffany Never-Wind Clocks currently for sale

Price on application

Two Tiffany clocks under domes

For details on how these clocks were restored

The larger double pole Tiffany clock with wooden base


Brillie battery clock metal cased

Rare Bentley Earth Driven Longcase  Clock— but don’t  ask how much it is!!!!!! clock now sold

French Brillie Master Clock

Size Ht 14″ D 5″ W 9″ Price CLOCK NOW SOLD

The Madelaine Four Glass Eureka Clock

The “Eureka” Electric Clock by “Artificer”

Bulle clock under cut glass dome

Early Bulle clock under cut glass dome

The Cromwellian Brass Lantern Eureka Clock

A small Bulle-Clock under it’s original Glass Dome  �400

A very rare Tiffany Four Glass Electric clock  

Mahogany Sheraton Gothic Eureka clock,
This Eureka clock has three balls in the bearing housing and 40 teeth on the escape wheel (very rare) this gives the balance a oscillation of 3 seconds, (one and a half each way)  which translates to 20 contacts in 1 minute 1200 in 60 minutes and 10512000 in a year!!

German Eureka Clock recently restored

To see how CLICK HERE

ART-DECO ATO Mantel clock by Leon Hatot,

 French made C 1930


Eureka Style Clock by T.C.STOTT of Harpenden C1955

I hope to show more early electric clocks shortly