The “Eureka” Electric Clock by “Artificer”

Plans for making this clock appeared in The Model Engineer magazine in 1949 by “Artificer” It differed considerably from the original Eureka, but used the some principles and was fun to make I bet!!
I’ve no idea who made this one or how many were made, quite a few I would expect.
The picture below shows the clock as taken in, it stands on a plastic base. Over the coming months I shall be showing how it was repaired –Well I’ve been looking at this clock for months now and it’s time it was repaired!! Pictures appear below

If you have the necessary skills to make this clock( and would like too) I have a few copies of the original articles.

There has been so many inquiries about these articles that I have decided to post them on this website
They are in pdf format and will require a program such as Acrobat Reader to view


If you do make one of these clocks I would welcome a picture!!

The clock as taken in

side view of movement


Picture of movement modified from a small clock movement

Rear of movement showing ratchet wheel with crude detent
click and spring

The coil connection with the diode was  a bit of a mess-
wires everywhere! These were just tidied up. The copper
wire used here was 24 swg which gave a very low reading
on the Ohms meter -(without the diode fitted the spark
would quickly burn out the contacts)


The pawl which should move one tooth on the ratchet
wheel per swing of the balance wheel

I did make new contacts for this clock, but everything
else was left as the maker made it.
(The balance on this clock runs in sealed ballraces and because
of this and other factors it needs 3 volts to run to time!!)

The balance spring made from a old watch spring
again crude but it works!

The finished clock seen under it’s new antique dome