Repair of an Antique Wall Clock

Restoration /Repair of an Antique Wall Clock

Drop Dial Clock

The first picture is of a Drop Dial made by Thalliwell of Dewsbury, it was discovered in a loft where it had laid for many years. As you can see from the picture under the years of grime and rust hides a good quality fusee clock with all its original bits !
First lets look at the dial, you can see that the name and the minute ring are missing and this was properly due to the owner at sometime “giving it a clean” something you should never do.

There is a fine line as to whether  or not a dial should be restored and each dial is carefully studied before any work is undertaken, remember once the dial is restored it can’t be unrestored !


But in this case I’m sure you’ll agree it looks better than it did.

Next lets look at the case, under all that grime we found a rich Mahogany case with brass stringing! well worth the effort of cleaning. Some of the veneer was unfortunately missing so to were the pegs that hold the movement to the case, but this is no problem to a good cabinet maker and was sent  off to
Dave Warne Restorations

To complete the job the movement was overhauled before returning  to the customer