Smith’s Mystery Clock


Smith’s Mystery clock

Smith mystery clock made by Smith’s Electronic Clocks C1934.Synchronous motor 220 volts A.C 50 Cycle mains powered

Unusual Smiths Electric Mystery Clock. C1934 The clockwork for this clock is housed in the small chromium plated drum in the centre of the dial. Inside this small drum is the motion work for the hands and a ratchet mechanism. The clock has three glass plates. One is the dial with the numerals on the inside. Another is the back which has the hands adjuster fixed to the centre. The third piece of glass is inside between the two other glasses. This inside glass is attached to the central barrel and is rocked slightly from side to side by an electric motor in the base of the clock. This rocking motion is enough to operate the ratchet mechanism which then turns the hands. As the glass cannot be seen moving, to observers the way the hands move is a Mystery.

Two Mystery clocks recently restored for customers

The movement on this clock was very worn and noisy in operation, it had  other problems too!

This is the hand setting knob, you will find a pin running through
it which needs removing before the clock  can be dismantled
When these two nuts are removed the glass can then be removed
When the repairs are completed the glass is polished, take care
every finger mark left will show!!
picture showing the sixty tooth ratchet wheel in the centre
The finished motion work ready to fit the hands
Amount of wear found on the motor arbour Pivots and gears all needing some attention
Badly worn pivot hole will need re-bushing This pinion too will need polishing
Worn gears can be a problem Picture of the centre shaped glass this moves slowly. Right and left powered by the Synchronous mains motor. It takes one minute to do this- moving one tooth on the
ratchet wheel- which advances the minute hand by one minute.
Some repair was needed to the frame of the clock
This holds the clock together and through over-tightening in the past, had come detached!!


Here the movement is finished and ready
for the case
Top view of finished movement
The finished clock
You can see right through the clock dial!  the mystery is– what drives the hands?This clock stands 8inches high with the clock itself measuring 6.25inches square. It operates from the mains at 250volts 50hertz.