Winterhalder and Hofmeier Bracket Clock

Winterhalder  and  Hofmeier Bracket Clock– Chiming on 8 bells

This is a fine example of a German chiming bracket clock by this manufacturer who started his
workshop in Schwarzenback Germany in 1810 taking Anton Hofmeier into partnership in 1850. These movements were extremely well made and that’s just one reason why their clocks  are very much sort after today, and well worth restoring.

    This clock came from a customer who complained that the chimes were very slow and the clock kept stopping,( not an unusual fault!) upon dismantling the clock it was obvious what the trouble was—
worn pinions in the going train were the cause of the clock stopping but the  cause of the slow chiming was man made, the screw holding
the ratchet wheel bracket  was to long and was touching the barrel acting as a brake, you can see below the groove it has cut in the barrel, no wonder the chime was slow!!

The chime barrel showing the wear caused by fitting the wrong screw to the ratchet bracket

Just one of the worn pivots found in this clock

The same pivot after using the pivot file– it should be dead parallel and highly polished when finished

The movement as taken from the case


The movement with top plate removed showing the wear on the going barrel arbour and the damage to the chime barrel

The wear on this barrel was excessive causing it to lean over and “jam up” stopping the clock.
This shows the new barrel bushes fitted in the barrel ready to be trimmed to fit the arbour

The finished movement front view

The finished movement on test in the workshop