Hints and Tips

Index for Workshop hints and tips

1 An article covering pivot polishing

2 An article on bushing clock plates

3 A tip on making your own movement holder for clocks under test

Repairing a broken tooth on the hour wheel of a Longcase clock–

5 Some very simple Basic  notes on Westminster Chimers.

How to replace a missing Gathering Pallet

Pallet Grinding Jig

How to make a clock wheel holding device






9 Making or Replacing a Rack Tail for a Longcase Clock

10 Repairing a hoop wheel from a 30 hr Longcase clock

 11 Swing tool Holder

 12 English-Longcase-date-wheel Replacement

14 Longcase Crutch  repair

15 Longcase post repair

16 Silvering clock dials.

 More articles on repairing clocks will follow— as time permits!