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  Antique and collectable clocks -- and much more

Latest Eureka for sale
The Cromwellian Eureka Clock
Restoration of an Eureka clock find it under the "Clock Repairs" link  
The Eureka Electric Clock
By "Artificer" featured in the Model Engineer C1949


welcome to my website

  My aim:- to sell and restore Antique and Collectable Clocks at affordable prices
 I also undertake the following:-Clock repairs and restoration-- Clock cases restored (full or part)  Bevelled Glass cut  
 full restoration  and clock repair service is available on Dials-Cases-Antique Clock Movements plus Barometers and thermometers  
          This site has  been up and running for ten years now, and many thanks for all the feedback given over this time. It's becoming clear to me that you would like to see how some of these antique clocks were restored, and to this end I shall be producing articles from time to time on their restoration. you will find them on the Clock Repairs page, starting with the electric Eureka clock  C1906          
  New to site--- Clockmakers Tools for the amateur and professional clockmaker-- Quality tools-- Easy to make, we show you how


New to website-- Workshop Hints And Tips for Repairers

If you require any further information  then please phone    01359 269601

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Legitimate email may be accidentally blocked from reaching its destination by this scanning software. If you have not received a confirming reply, or feel that your email may not have been delivered, please contact me by phone 01359 269601

I provide a clock repair and restoration service for all kinds of mechanical and electrical clocks, please contact me for details .

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