Atmos clock

The Atmos clock is manufactured in Switzerland by Jaeger LeCoultre

A truly collectable clock

The finished Atmos clock

This fine clock has gold plated works, with 15 jewels, and bears the LeCoultre serial 143152. It stands 9 1/4″ high, and measures 8 1/4″ X 6 1/2″ at the base, manufactured in Switzerland about 1960.It has, ( like all my clocks,) been overhauled and carries a 12 month guarantee.The Atmos is the ultimate environmentally friendly device, there are no batteries to throw away, no springs to wind up,  no electrical consumption of any kind to consider. The Atmos is a precision device of the first order. To convert the small amount of energy that comes from the air, everything inside the Atmos is made to be virtually frictionless and to run as smoothly and as quietly as is humanly possible. The power consumed by a 15 watt light bulb could run over 60 million Atmos clocks simultaneously!”

It works like this–when the temperature rises, a mixture of gas expands in the expansion chamber, which then compresses a spiral spring. with a fall in temperature the gas condenses and the spring slackens. This tiny back-and-forth motion is sufficient to wind up the clock and keep it running

Atmos clock shown with dial removed

 Close up view of movement with dial removed,
even the hands are counter-balanced on this clock

picture showing impulse arm

This picture shows the impulse arm which engages in the steel roller on the left as the pendulum rotates


Front view of the Atmos clock showing the dial

This clock has now been sold

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